Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Welcome to my blog,
this time round I'm gonna introduce you to a great game known as Maple story. A 2D game with dynamic graphic quality that will sure eat all those heart-throbber out there who are searching for a fun interactive game.

This is a short review of our Guild PQ run.. (SYMPHONY, ROCKZ)!!

That girl that you see standing near the throne is Cindy ,(guild master).. <3
Is'nt she lovely.. >.<

Look at me, standing gallantly with the weird-funny smile..^^v
Ergoth has 35 million Hp and it's easy to defeat him as long as you watch where your life is going,.

That's me, yup-yup..
I'm training my character,
I guess spamming the whole map with a 2hit ,K.O attack
save all the time to gain % experience in order for me to lvl up,

See that evil bunny-hat lady,
Killing the monster with such tremendous damage XD

Monday, June 15, 2009

Evaluation Sheet

Friday, June 5, 2009

Unreal Model: Final Submission, elevator, dining table + Exclusive review

This is the dining table which i created for Obama and Madona. As far as their name give out a powerful rhythm, this table was designed in such a way that it showcase 2 diffrent levels of power come into exist together and forming a great bond.

A "Cross" image was drawn beneath.
It symbolizes good unity and harmony.

This is the elevator which i design for Obama..
It feels very cosy and royal, which fit perfectly for the entitlement of my client.

A slight modern edge is being put into the design,
I wanted to make sure that organic feeling could be felt when anyone sees it.

The perfect elevator for my 2nd client, Madonna.
As the colour suggests Madonna's personality and lifestyle,
I'm glad that this design gives a significant impact.

The transparent blue color around the ring of the elevator boosts the energy and vitality of Madonna's young fresh look evermore than BEFORE !!

This is the unreal model for Madonna's office..
It is obvious that huge sign of "$" can be seen from a plan view,
this syndicates madonna's level of power which rule over economical business and someone that everyone needs to be afraid of..
This is the elevator for Madonna.
After being imported from Sketch-up,
I was satisfied with the result despite knowing that only one texture is allowed to be used.

Interior aspect.

The meeting space for the 2 clients.
There is a level of balance which tone down the 2 building from each specific clients, thus
the regular rectangle simple shape design.

Transparent glass window is being put up, allowing light to penetrate through the pristine-glass window. It gives the new touch to a modern-sense of architecture.
I'm sure Madonna will love it !

On the other hand this is the office space for Obamma.
The purpose of putting up the transparent glass window with crimson-red printing pattern is to embody Obamma's own personal sense of power as the President of United States, thus it is ought to be.

An office which suits perfectly for the mood of my client.
It's tightly secure and the architectural design is sleek without being too modern or simple.

The elevator for the Obamma's office.
It gives a nice lightning contrast to the environment.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

36 Custom Texture

Movement can be understood as linear, rotational and scalar translation. Draw a series of 6 textures (within a 6 x 6 square in your notebook) exploring each of those definitions of movement.

Rotational, shattered, explosive, wavy, scalar, linear.